About Fabian

About Fabian

Fabian Hendricks
Obsessed Data Analytics Guru, profound experience in digital marketing & UI/UX, on a mission helping Businesses (and People) gain insights on what customers really want from their data crumbs.


What I do?

Directing businesses navigating the digital space. Drawing data insights from all sources of raw information, Social Media - CMS - CRM - Sales Conversions, converting them into useful information to help improve business health and scalability projections, easing pain pressure points.

Where He's been,

- Around the web for 15 years building sites since the pre-flash ERA.
- Designed sites for too many late nights finding the best UI/UX combinations
- Looking to write a book on Data Analytics, yet totally terrified of  prowling data scientists.
- Consultant for many brands like DBS, HSBC, DDB, F1 Singapore, G2000, M1, Singapore Discovery Centre.
- Lives in Singapore where it's sunny every day all year.
- Teaches Executives to set clearly defined KPIs, using Analytics to hit their mark successfully 'most of the time'.
I believe in value all around, through content, marketing, business practices, and virtue. Social Media is the channel medium tap, running noteworthy content bites to everyone all over the planet. Trust takes time to build and can disappear in a moment.


Where to find me,


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Chat Soon, 

Fabian Hendricks.